Tuesday, November 21, 2006

slight loss this week and have a breather from school

Sometimes I feel like doing this to my scale at home!!! Just because sometimes I get tired of being accountable to it and wish I could just toss it out the window! No, it is going slow but did show a small loss of -.4 this week. So, baby steps, I guess at this point and at least it is going in the right direction. I did see my scale dip down to 199.5 this week! But I know it is a few pounds difference from the weight watchers scale so I'll probably have to wait a few weeks before I see that number on their scales. Anyone ever weigh in nude at the meeting? Ha ha. Then I could be at onederland!. Then no one would ever go to meetings if they had to face that kind of torture.

Well, at least I am done with my back to back tests and lab wasn't as good as I wanted but other test was good. They were brutal and it felt like mid terms though we only have about 3 more weeks to go. Hurray! The stress was getting to me. I did exercise 4 x this week and didn't journal my food every day so I will be better this week. I don't know what happenned but a new yoga teacher was filling in for the usual one and it was like yoga on speed! She moved so fast through the moves I really didn't like it. I felt a little sore the next day. And then ran earlier in the week and no problem but then ran yesterday and today I have major hip, upper or outside leg pain. I didn't push it more than usual so not sure what is going on. I've decided to take a hiatus from jogging until I drop more weight cause this is painful. Anyone out there took up jogging and been bothered by aches and pains?

We are off to go look at larger screen tv's as we might get one for xmas. Hope everyone has a great turkey day and I hope to at least maintain this week.


christie said...

Ohhh sweetie you are so close to onederland, can you taste it?

I'm sorry your leg is bothering you so badly. Rest up and don't feel guilty - just keep eating right and get back out there as soon as you honestly feel up for it.

Enjoy your holiday!

angelfish24 said...

Yeah, so close to onderland but oh, so far away. Feel like I have to trudge through a thousand miles of mud to get there. But, I will get there one day!
yeah, I'm sure this leg pain will go away soon, it must be a strained muscle. You have a great turkey day too!

christie said...

Hi, it's me again :)

There's a little something on my blog that I would like you to read.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

definatley stop running if you're getting any sort of pain. it's not worth the long term injury you can sustain.

sore muscles are a good sign, not sore joints though.

dont' worry, you'll get there soon enough.

take care