Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Early happy new year to you all!

Hope everyone is having a happy holidays. I sure have and have been out of town at my mom and dad's. I did indulge on xmas and feel slightly guilty about it but I deserve to let go once in a while and not think about food and the scale for one day. May have done some damage but nothing that can't be reversed! I did get in one day of exercise and will go again tomorrow. I did not weigh in this week due to my wi day being on Mondays and so it hits both holidays! Lucky or unlucky not sure. But I will try to wi on next Tuesday I suppose. I should to stay accountable and not rebound back up!

I finally got my high speed internet working and it's marvelous! Like night and day, I can finally watch a email clip/video in real time. Waaaaahoooo!!! Now I'm trying to figure out how to copy all my favorite places such as all your blogs and all my email addresses but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Oh well, I'll figure it all out or retype all my favorites into the new system. It's a drag but I'll survive!

Wishing you all a very happy new year!!!


Living to Feel Good said...

LOVE the Seattle pictures! That is one place I still want to visit!!

Don't worry about your indulgence during Christmas. I think it's great when people lose during Christmas, but I also think you should worry so much about it that you don't enjoy yourself. For myself I decided to enjoy it, and if it sets me back a week or so then so be it, but that's all it's going to set me back. You know?

Glad you got high speed. I just got it 2 years ago, and I seriously don't know how I lived with dial up for so long.

christie said...

Happy Holidays Patty!!! You totally DO deserve to indulge now and then. That's what we do when it's a lifestyle change. :)

How did your mom and dad react to your weight loss? I'm sure they can see the difference!

michelle said...

Just been catching up on your blog. Particularly loved the one about the people with disabilities at the Y. Does put things into perspective. Thanks for the reminder. Having been sick for most of the last 6 months I have gone hopelessly off track and intend to try to jump back on the wagon tomorrow. Will keep reading your blog for inspiration. Good luck at weigh in next week.

c2s Hayley said...

OMG, i'm about to get a new computer and I hadn't thought about all the blogs that I still have listed in my favourites list!!!^&*)^)*(&

Thx for the reminder, i'd better start copying down addresses now.

Tried to find an email address to send you an invite, but can't find one. If you want to shoot your address to me at i'll send an invite over your way.

Have a Wonderful New Year, Patty.

christie said...

Um... I miss you. I miss Patty. Patty Patty Patty!!!

~Jen~ said...

Thank you, thank you! Same to you as well!