Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ready for Christmas?

I am just about ready for Christmas, exept for some baking and maybe getting one more present. I bought a lot of my presents early as I hate the crowds at this time of the year. We did go to the mall though for a while on Monday as I was meeting my mom there to pick up my boy. We went to this restaurant called Macaroni Grill. It looks like it had a lot of high fat italian items on the menu so I had a 1/2 sandwich and a salad so that wasn't too bad. I always have trouble deciding how many points for meals when I eat out if I don't research it first. I have really been trying to eat most of my meals at home because then I really know how many calories I'm consuming. The one present I have left to get is for my husband. He wants triathlon type wear which is hard to find. He says the regular sports stores or REI don't have what he's looking for so I may have to go up to Seattle tomorrow to this tri store to get a gift certificate. It's so out the way though. But since my son is out of school for vacation maybe we'll make a day out of it. I'll take him to the Seattle aquarium or the Seattle Science Center. I'll try to take some pics if I see anything interesting or just pics of Seattle in general.

We just had the hdtv and digital cable hooked up. He said he couldn't hook up my high speed internet to the guest room cause it has no cable. Of course, it can be done but for another $100 or so and by someone else. That sucks! I really like having the computer room away from the tv area but may have to move it back down there as the only other cable outlet is in my room and I don't want the computer in there. They really went bare bones when they built this house, just 2 cable outlets and 2 phone outlets! The cable guy was complaining about his leg and sick and coughing everywhere. He didn't seem to be able to answer all the questions I asked him or didn't understand them. He hooked up the tv and then went to espn2 and I swear he was just vegging out watching tv!!! I was thinking, like "hello, you are working here". I actually had to prompt him by saying something to get him out of his football trance. Ahhhh, men....

I want to say THANK YOU to all my blogger friends for your kind comments. It's really cool to connect with other people that are fighting the fat war too. A special thank you to Marshmallow for you cute fireworks pictures she put up for me for onederland. I don't know why 200 to 199 is such a big deal but it is, it's a milestone for me.

Not much else happening so I will go and I hope everyone is having a good week!!!

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christie said...

I think onederland is such a big deal because if there's a 1 in the front of your weight you feel "normal"... at least for those of us who have been above it.
Congrats again!