Friday, July 13, 2007


I joined spark people for this 12 week challenge to communicate with the others who are doing the challenge too. Today, this article came from spark. Maybe you've seen it already.

I liked the quotes:

'The trouble is, we get so caught up in trying to do everything that we retreat inside ourselves'

'It’s important to you—to your health, your goals and your family—that you take some time to exercise and plan healthy meals. You should treat it that way and give yourself permission to take that time without feeling guilty'

'Besides, is anything on your to-do list really more important than your health?'

I was just talking about how important my healthy should be and is to me. Thanks for your comments about my friend Dawn. I offered to go with her to the caribbean if she wanted but she said her trip last week to visit her dad in Wisconsin was her last flying trip. She is just getting tired I think. She did go to Lake Havasu, AZ (by car) this week as she always wanted to go there but it is hot, hot, hot down there and hope she is liking it. I'm not looking forward to the 110 degree (celcius) heat that will be in vegas next week.

I had a dream about being in a shady part of some big city. I was dodging bullets and bad guys and then I was trying to get to a better part of town and so I was all like James Bond and I tried to shimmy across a monorail/train type track. Only to get towards the end and realize a train was coming. I tried going back the other way and in order to avoid being hit in a minute I would have to drop to the water and maybe die anyway. I woke myself up from that one! Of course, I think it means something is coming down the pike and I won't be able to miss it. Prob. from all my thoughts about Dawn and her limited time left on this earth. Sucks. But what can I do? I will just be there for her as I would want another to be there for me if it was I who was in the very unfortunate situation.

Well, in trival news not much going on today except for trying for my 5 for 5 days of exercise. I also will get a haircut. I never seem to change it much! Maybe some day I will cut it all off and try a short style. Not ready yet. Then I'll get some more blonde in tomorrow. I prob. am a lt. brown color if I let it grow out but not ready to go back to that color yet. I like me some blonde at the moment.

I did have a no scale victory in that I exercised 2 times yesterday. Did some swimming and walking and later biking with the family though the biking was just a casual pace. My mom was saying that when I started jogging more the wt would just fall off! Ummmm....not the case as my wt loss is slow most weeks! But, I will attempt to run today. I'm am now tracking my exercise time from the start of the challenge and attempting to at least exercise 150 minutes per week and I am exceeding that this week. I'm also going to track my measurements too so I can can see some lost inches.

What's everyone's weekend plans? I'm going to try to make it an active one and not one centered around eating out. ha!


Christine said...

Hey - just a quick reply to your comment on my blog regarding the ice cream and the husband. I do find my husband holding onto me a bit tighter in public now - lol. Looks like he is noticing me getting noticed by others! LOL! Have a great week!!!

Chris H said...

Great going with the exercise mate! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am gunna get outta this funk I'm in somehow, and do something fun!

Laurie said...


I just stumbled upon your blog, and found it really inspirational. Thanks for the article link- I like the title "turning someday into today". So many times I've felt myself waiting for someday... it's better to start NOW. Happy weekend!

Rebecca said...

Your sounding like the exeercise is working for you. I can't imagine jogging with my belly. So good for you!

You do have a positive attitude and that alone is refreshing. You are one thrid of your goal weight.


Kim said...

I am very proud of you and the exercise you are doing! Keep it up!! :)

TrixieBelden said...

Congrats on exercising twice in one day! That means you must be enjoying yourself! And I say have fun as a blonde. I've always wanted to be a redhead, but I haven't had the guts. I guess I'll do it once I start to go gray. :)

Spidey said...

You have a lot of things going on. Do not forget that at the foundation of everything you are a good person, and you deserve good things. Have faith and believe that good things will happen.