Wednesday, October 11, 2006

60 healthy tips

Here is an article on 60 tips for diets. It has some useful info but some is just for fun.

Feeling better today! Amazing what a good night sleep can do and ready to go exercise later when my son's at preschool. I really should use it as study time as I'm behind but I can't give up my exercise either! So, that means a lot of late nights studying but what can I do, got a big test this weekend and not looking forward to it as it means no fun for me!
It's funny but I was working out next to some real thin women the other day and she was obsessing over her body saying things like, "I can't have an fat in my milk, I don't need the extra fat". This woman was rail thin, no fat whatsoever and if she loses anymore she will be borderline anorexic. Then she was going on about her fat on her stomach. I couldn't see any fat, it was flat as a board! Seems we all obsess with our bodies, well most of us. I was hoping when I was thin, I won't obsess like her but who knows. Have a good day and thanks for posting comments to my blog! I'll try to visit yours today.

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