Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Do we choose to be fat?

A while back I was reading a book and I can't remember which one as I have read a ton of wt loss book, motivational books, online resources, etc. One was saying that we 'choose to be fat'. I was like 'what!?!'. Most of us would never choose to be fat if we were given the simple choice. We would choose thin in a heartbeat in this wt conscious world. What they were saying was that by continuing your same behaviors such as not exercising or eating fattening foods we are choosing to stay fat. I guess that's true to some degree but it doesn't go deep enough. They are not considering the emotional issues that some people have that make them turn to food. Food is their drug of choice. I suppose it's better than alcohol or drugs or other but it can be harmful and cause a variety of illnesses as we age. Well, you hear the saying, 'do or do not, there is no try' (by yoda) and there is truth to that. If we 1/2 assed do the program we will get 1/2 assed results. If we don't look at the deeper issues within ourselves why we're overweight, then we won't lose the weight. We will keep on yo yo ing down in weight and then back up. I know, I've done it for years! It's because I never gotten to the heart of the matter, why I've used food as a solace instead of sustenance. This time, I've been digging deep and it's been hard but worth it. I want to live a healthy life and decrease my chances for these dreaded diseases like diabetes and heart disease which I'm surely could have hit me due to my fast food habits and stress. When people say they are stuck in a rut I do kinda think they choose to do that. Doesn't mean they can't get out of it. But, we all know, we all have to do it ourselves. We have to look deep. Doesn't mean we can't get outside help. My ww meetings help me somewhat to deal with emotional type issues but it might not be enough for others. I do feel that the leader would be there for me is I really had something I needed help with or encouragement. But, they are not a therapist. I am all for therapy if people need help! It's not a weakness it's just a hand up. Anyway, I came across a small article called 'why you aren't losing weight'. It's not the how to lose it's the why. Here it is . Food is not our enemy. It can seem to control us if we let it. Who is the boss anyway? We control what we put in our mouths and why.


christie said...

Patty it is such a coincidence that you wrote this today. I was just talking to someone about how every time I get into the 240's I start sabotaging myself and that I think I am choosing to be fat because I'm afraid. Because I can blame the fat for things like if I don't get a job - they didn't hire me because i'm fat. If those girls don't want to be my friend.. oh they don't like me because i'm fat. If that guy doesn't want to be my boyfriend... it's because i'm fat. When the fat is gone - I won't have anything to blame it on. Then it will just be ME.
I know this and I want to face it and push through, and I am trying so hard... but just thought I would chip in on the whole choosing to be fat thing. Obviously this isn't true for everyone, but I think it's true for me.

sandii said...

most people who are overweight eat for many reasons thin people do not.

in our family we ate to celebrate, to commiserate, to watch movies, at the pool, at friends houses, at the shops... it was all a social thing for us.

we have to relearn good habits and make sure for those of us with children, that we don't pass the bad ones on.

good luck