Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good athletic support is hard to find

Been out looking for sport bras this weekend. It's a hard job, as some of you women that are well endowed like me can attest. It takes a while to find a good one. Finally decided on the Moving Comfort bra. It seems to work fine as we went jogging today and it's better than my champion one. I tried on the one that Oprah recommends called the Enell. It is more like a bustier in size and style and you button it up the front w/ about 10 hooks. It does support you better than any other bra I've seen but it's seems thicker and heavy duty. It has a big seam right across the front and I didn't like that much. My hubby thinks I'm being picky but if you have a shirt over it, all I see is this big horizontal line. It is also the pricest sports bra I've see at like $50-60. So, I will think about this one but it prob. would be best if I really do this triathalon next summer. Anyway, enough about bras, if there are any men reading this I'm sure you are bored stiff! We had a good weekend as we went to Seattle to shop for me and for my hubby to check out a triathalon store. We went to an area called Lake Union and to Greenlake and had a good day. There were so many people walking and running around the lake, it brought back old memories for me when I was young and single and living in Seattle. We then went to the Seattle Center later that has the space needle and went to the kiddie rides and games and putt putt golf. My son had a good time and he deserved it after our day of looking around sport shops. Today, we went to a pumpkin farm and did the big corn maze and hay maze and picked out a pumpkin. My son is excited for Halloween and will be Anakin Skywalker. My friend will have us over for dinner and she will make spooky food like mummy dogs and spider deviled eggs and I'll bring some halloween type dessert. Our children (ages 4 and 5) will go trick or treating, so should be fun. I'm not really looking forward to all the candy he will get as I will want to have some. As far as weight loss, it's going well and expect a loss tomorrow so will post the results. Gotta go study my anatomy. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this is going to be completely inappropriate reading about bras being bored "stiff". Wink wink..get it? ;) I know, I know. I think I need to go to bed or something, lol.