Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fast food restaurants

I get this newsletter called the worst foods. Sometimes, I don't read it and other times there is something interesting. There is an article called "Are Restaurant Nutritional Numbers Believable?" and it's here It is a little long but it's scary to think that when you figure your points from their nutritional web sites that maybe the data isn't accurate depending on what size your entry is compared to the one they say you get. I know the best say is to eat at home always, but we know that's not always doable. Most days I can eat at home but once in a while we will go out. Another thing I have been thinking about (maybe cause my old friend had all that plastic surgery due to excess skin), is will my legs and tummy and buns really shrink back to the way they were. I know they won't be exactly the same due to being older and having a baby and stretch marks!! yuck! Maybe I was talking about this earlier but they say if you've been overweight a long time it won't go back like before. I think I could put up with a little tummy but I hope the legs and butt lose the flab!! I'm doing the exercise, cardio and wts and now yoga, so I'm hoping I'm doing all that I can. I know, it seems I shouldn't get concerned now with such superficial things. One lady on the ww board who lost like over 150 pds said something like "I didn't look good naked when I was fat, and I don't look good naked thin". She showed some photos and just some excess skin. Maybe I would be vain and get in taken off. I can't remember how it felt to feel good in my own skin, I mean naked. It would feel good to not feel self conscious about it. Especially in front of my hubby. I can wish. Ok, what are your thoughts out there? Is your body image getting better as you lose weight? Can you stop the negative comments some of us make to ourselves? Most days I can but not all days.

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