Monday, October 23, 2006

Yes! Scale going down again

Lost 1.6 this week. Woo hoo! Made it to 40.4 lost! While I am happy with this I was a little surprised that it wasn't more. What? Someone complaining that the loss wasn't big enough? I know, I know. But I exercised 6 times this week at least an hour and a few of those days it was 2 hours. At at my point range every day and used only 5 of the flex points but did use some of my exercise points. I really thought that pushing it hard this week would get me a loss of 2 lbs or more. But it could be water retention as t.o.m. is soon. I know just get over it! I'm just surprised that on other weeks back in september I didn't try nearly as hard and saw bigger losses. My leader says that you can't lose more than 1.5-2lbs of fat a week. Any extra loss is just water. I know, my blog is named patience and that's what it's going to take a lot of for the next 10 months or more till goal. I have it charted out, believe it or not, but I know it may take me longer to get to goal than I think. Sometimes, I want it off now and fast! But we know it really doesn't stay off if I lose faster. Hope everyone is having a good week and I'll quit my bitchin as I have no right. ha. Got a big anatomy test tonight that I'm not ready for so I'm off.


Spider63 said...

I have been there! Sometimes the exercise and deprivation does not translate into weight loss. Don't ask me why. It is probably Nature's Way of messing with people. Or it could be that your body is slowing down because it is instinctively entering the Starvation Defense Mode. In that case you may need to CARB LOAD in order to throw off your body's natural response to what it perceives as the threat of starvation. Then again, it could be something completely different.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 40lbs lost, Patty! You've lost a big fish worth of weight, wooOOoOOooo!

I'm with you on the being disappointed by less-than-I-hoped-for weight loss (mind you, I'm expecting to gain when I weigh in tomorrow, NOOOOOOO!!!)

Good luck for your test! Let us know how it went :-D

christie said...

Honey, I think maybe you're doing too much. Try to EITHER exercise that much OR be super good on your points, not both at the same time, and I think you'll see your body respond better. I've been there.
But on the upside way to go for hitting -40!! That is GREAT!!!!! The most I've ever hit is -37, so you are kicking ass in my book for sure. (Right now I'm only -31!)