Thursday, October 19, 2006's literally a pain in the arrrrssss

I took up running, well really jogging, about a week 1/2 ago. First, I ran 1/2 mile but alternating walking a lap then running a lap. Then Wednesday, I ran 1 mile but the same walking, then running ratio. Damn it's hard!!! What's really bothering me is needing some more support up top. I really need to make the time to get to the mall and get a new sports bra!! And I have pain in my hamstring and especially my quads!! It's hard to haul this body around the track. But after than I was feeling pretty energetic so went on the bike and the elliptical! Yeah, 1 and 1/2 hours. I'm determined to see a dip in the scale this week come heck or high water!! School is stressful but it's going well so far, got an A on one of the tests and the others not graded yet. I need to make more time to study so trying to figure out how to do that without getting little sleep. I did yoga again today and really liking it. I will do this yoga workshop next month where I can spend more time doing pilates and learning new yoga moves. On another topic, I'm really worried about my sister. She's had problems with her thyroid for years and been on meds. Now they found these nodules in her throat or near thyroid and just biopsied them. We will see next week if it's something serious. She won't talk much about it so I don't have all the info I need but thank goodness for Mom. She's always update us on what the others (sisters) are doing that's for sure. Now Mom will have to have an operation w/ in six months to fuse her ankle. (she has a screw in there for when she was young and broke her ankle.) She is scared about it though but I suppose it's better than limping around like she does when she walks around too much now. It's hard for her cause she's a real active lady and doesn't like to stand still for long. The other option would be to totally rebuild the ankle but the surgeon doesn't recommend that at this time. Anyway, praying for their health. Hope you all are having a good week.


pastgirl said...

Champion® Action Shape™ Sports Bra is great. $38 each but sometimes at One HanesPlace I find them for cheaper. They are the only thing that holds me in place. I actually never thought I could do running because of boob issues...this bra showed me there was another way :)

Thanks for your post. So true!

christie said...

Patty thanks for your comment on my page :) You are doing so kick-ass! You will definitely see a dip this week for sure.

Sorry to hear about what your sister and mom are going through!!! That's rough. Medical problems are so wearing. I wish them the best.

FAT BITCH said...
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FAT BITCH said...

Hi Angelfish :)

Sending thoughts for good news regarding your sister's report and for your mom to come through that operation with flying colors, hon. HUG I know all too well how stresses in your life can play havoc with a diet.

Congratulations on that "A" which was wonderful given all the stuff on your mind.

Exercising is good for stress so keep it up and I will too. Remember the name of your blog... :)