Sunday, October 01, 2006

Get Real

I'm re-reading a book I got a few years ago called "Get Real" by Daniel Kosich. I took a class at the YMCA that was about healthy eating a losing weight and this was the book they used. I didn't pay that much attention back then as I guess I wasn't really ready to live the healthy lifestyle but now I am. Here's what he says to why why America isn't winning the diet war. "1. We want to believe in magic" such as the latest diet, a diet pill or powders. or a pill to burn fat while you sleep. "2. We want a one-size-fits-all answer" such as that we will all lose weight on one diet or that we will all lose at the same rate. That won't happen due to the number of fat cells in each of our bodies and our base metabolism. He said that if you yo yo diet for years and you are 40 to 50 lbs. overweight you could have made billions of more fat cells that other people who haven't been overweight. Yikes! I never knew if that was true or not. No wonder it is so hard to get off now! "3. We thought the answer was all-or-nothing" like when you go all out and exercise a lot and get sore, follow a real strict diet and just gave up cause the program was too hard. I definitely know that to be true! If you can't follow the program for life or don't look forward to the meals or exercise, you'll revert to your old ways. At least, that's what I did in the past. I know that moderation is the key. Anyway, now I'm reading about self acceptance at your current weight and to try not to get down on yourself because of your weight as it will make the journey so much easier. This is a hard one! I have good days and bad days on the self image. It seems to be a pretty good book so if you see one at the library, check it out. As for the weekend, we had a chance to go out without our son last night and went to see the movie The Black Dahlia. It was pretty good, it was kind of a 1940's murder mystery. Now, I'm doing assignments for my anatomy/phys. class and it's yucky! Not liking the style of this teacher but I will persevere!! Me and my husband had a chance to go to the gym together today (a rare occasion as he works a lot and I go during the week days) and it was nice. We went into the hot tub after which was pretty cold for some weird reason and he said "you really are gonna do it this time, aren't you?". I guess he's seeing changes in my eating and my behavior and of course my weight. Think he's surprised I haven't quit this time and I won't either. It may get hard at times and it will be a long journey but there's no stopping this time. I'm changing for good this time. It is finally the right time and I can do this. Hope everyone is doing well this week.

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christie said...

That sounds like a good book, I'll have to look into it.
You're right, you will do it this time... i can tell ;)