Sunday, October 08, 2006

undoing my hard work

After doing really well during the week, and doing some sort of exercise most days, I feel like I blew it yesterday with eating out twice. The scale is showing up 2lbs. and I know that's physically impossible to gain 7000 calories in one day! And weigh in is tomorrow, yikes! It must be the sodium from chinese food and eating late! I'm pissed at myself though as I didn't make the healthy choice, not that there was many there. Well okay, today is a new day and I am starting again. I'm taking my son to go swimming today or a matinee or something, of course, he says 'let's go to Toys R Us'. He loves that place! I got my haircut yesterday. Got bangs again, it's been awhile. I'm not used to them and keep pushing them to the side. Hope everyone is doing well, gotta go.


Carlton said...

Hey don't worry about the gain, I'm sure it is only temporary due to the high sodium content in Chinese. I'm sure it will sort it self out and your weigh in at weight watchers will be fine. Have a good week.

christie said...

post a picture of the new haircut!! pretty please!

I'm sure it's the salt - drink LOTS of water tomorrow and that should help!!

Living to Feel Good said...

I was just going to say everything that Christie already did. Good luck with WI!! And please post a pic of the new hair!! :D

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. :D