Monday, October 30, 2006

Lost one pound this week

Lost one pound this week!!! While I am happy the scale is going in the right direction and no plateau's, I have been experimenting with exercising 6 times per week and eating to my points range (26) and not using much flex pts but using some exercise points on w. watchers. It doesn't seem to be making me lose any more than 1 or 1 1/2 per week. I guess I thought, burning more calories, and really journaling carefully what I eat would reward me with at least a 2 lbs loss. My scale showed down 2 lbs. but gotta go with the ww scale at the meetings. They have 3 different scales and I bet if I weighed on each of them it would be a different result. It seems if I go on a certain one, then I don't lose as much as my scale at home says. I know, why am I bitchin. I guess it's cause it's been 6 months on the program as of today and down 41 lbs. I know that is good and hope to lose that much in the next 6 months. I lost 9 lbs. the first month and then was on track for 7 lbs a months till the last 2 months and prob. just 6 lbs a month. I'm not sure why it is slowing. Think that these next 60 lbs that I want off will be slower than I want. It seems to be getting harder to get off. Gone are the occassional loss of 2 or 3 lbs. Just not happening anymore! Maybe I'm eating to little? I'm not sure. I guess I'll fiddle with my points range a bit to see if I can get bigger results. Why else would it be I'm working harder than ever and my body is fighting to hang on to the fat? It must be that note I wrote to my fat about giving up 1lb a week! My fat is not giving me more than that! ha ha I can't wait till I get under 200 but it may be a little longer than I had hoped! Hope everyone is doing well this week. Looking forward to Halloween tomorrow and have a rare night off of school due to the instructor being ill. Woooohooo!!!!


Anonymous said...

In the long term, it is impossible to expect your body to shed 2-3 pounds a week. Realistically, 1-1.5 pounds is perfect for long term, permanent weight loss. Sure, you might go a bit quicker when you start, but you shouldn't expect the same or an increasing rate of loss the closer that you get. This is why you hear about people saying that the last 10lbs is always the hardest - by that point, its difficult to lose even 0.5lbs a week - never mind 1-1.5!

In short, the body ALWAYS slows with weight loss - its just unhealthy to be dropping weight that quickly week in, week out. Don't worry! You're doing great going at the rate you are now :-D

christie said...

Consider trying the "wendi plan"... take your points but instead of 26 per day or whatever it is, add up how many that equals in the whole week and change it like 20 this day, 33 this day, 27 this day, 39 this day... and so on. I found that when my loss would slow, doing that really helped. It keeps your metabolism working better because it's not used to the same amount of calories every day, it's like throwing a change-up.

Living to Feel Good said...

First congrats on the loss!! WOoHoOO! :D

Second...when I work out 6 days a week (which I really need to start doing again) I found my body needed more than the points allowed for WW. I'd say ya play with your points a little and see if it helps. Maybe add just 2 or 3 pts more a day.

Every body is different, so unfortunately we have to play with things before we figure out what our body needs.

Have fun tomorrow, and I've changed my mine. I'm into Halloween again. ;P

angelfish24 said...

ya, I was just thinking of trying that wendie plan. I've heard of it before so think I'll try it. I also got this sheet on the 20 pt week but that seems to low so will wait on that.

Anonymous said...

41 lbs is excellent! Don't lose sight of what you've already done! You're a star!

christie said...

Patty... two suggestions. One is you could try shrinking the photos first before uploading them. Usually when in 'edit' mode for a photo you can find a resizing options. Usually 30% is a great size for posting things online. Make sure though that you "save as" and rename it so you don't lose your original size, since that's what you would want for printing. Usually what I would do is if the photo is called MomandMe.jpg I would save my 30% sized photo as MomandMe_30.jpg

Another suggestion is don't upload to blogger. I usually upload to imageshack. Go to and from there you can upload a photo, and you can select resizing options. Then it will tell you the code to display it on your page.

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