Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What I look forward to when I'm thin

What I look forward to when I’m thin:

1)Not having to shop at the chubby ladies stores like Lane Bryant or any plus sized section of a store.
2)Feeling comfortable in airline seats and movie theater seats or any chair (this is already happening!)
3)Seeing my reflection in the mirror or window and not noticing all my lumps and bumps. Not wondering ‘who is that?’ and not recognizing myself when I see a reflection is a store window.
4)Being energetic and able to keep pace with my son and play (starting to happen!)
5)Be able to do a mini triathalon next summer and feel good about it
6)Feel more comfortable when being intimate w/ hubby and not thinking of my flaws.
7)Getting a new wardrobe as it will be a whole new size that I’ll be in and I’ve long since threw out my skinny clothes!
8)Getting my cholesterol under 200 and just feeling real good about eating nutritious foods and not the crap that the food industry is trying to push on us (starting to happen!)
9)Actually be satisfied with less food, smaller portions (starting to happen!)
10)To not feel deprived when I see someone eat something that I would like to have but don’t.
11)To finally feel like one of my friends, not the biggest one in the room and feeling self conscious about it!
12)To take pride in my appearance and what my body can do physically

This is just a beginning list, I have more! What do you look forward to when thinner?


Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic list! I don't know that I have anything to add that you didn't mention. I'll be reading and rereading this :)

Leighanne said...

I love that list - most of the things mentioned can go on my list too:)

Anonymous said...

I love these sorts of lists, I have written my own list with my 'to-do's when I'm thin :-D