Friday, October 27, 2006

doing well and on program but my class is grossing me out!

I'm doing well on my eating and exercising a lot. The running is going about the same, can go for 1 mile but it's still hard and I'm always thinking 'when am I gonna be done?'. I figure I will take it slow and be able to run 3 miles by next summer. I did get some nice asics running shoes so enjoying that and my toe pain has gone away!! We went out to eat tonight at this Zao Noodle bar and it was real good. All kinds of asian noodle style dishes and also chinese food. Had a dan dan noodles which are big noodles with veggies and chicken in kind of a peanut type sauce. I haven't over indulged this week so it will be fine and in my points range for the week but it's always hard to judge the calories at a new restaurant. As for my night class in Anatomy/physiology it is going well. Got an A on 2 tests and not sure about the lab test yet. I've never had a teacher take so long to grade tests. Sometimes it's a week with her! OK, gross alert! Gross Alert! If you don't want to hear about dissection don't read!!!! But was is grossing me out is that we had to do a cat dissection! The smell and the skinning, etc. aaarrrggghhh, wanted to barf but I must do this to pass the class. Thank god one of my lab partners used to work on a farm and seems perfectly at ease with this project. We have to use it the next 2 weeks to look at muscle, etc. I got off easy before when we didn't have to do this in another class. Next, is the human body! Holy heck! No, I have seen a cadaver before and just have to look and don't have to touch hopefully! I just have to have the right attitude and know there is an end to the means. But, I can't help but not have much of an appetite this week due to this so that's one positive point. Maybe I'll help some of you not to have an appetite either! Bluck!!! Anyway, not sure why I shared that with you. Hope everyone is having a awesome week and have a great weekend!

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christie said...

Ewwww ew ew ew ew. You are a brave soul!!!
Glad to hear you're doing well this week... keep it up chica! HUGS!