Friday, October 13, 2006

Oh no, it's Friday the 13th!!

I'm not really superstitious, but it's Friday, the 13th..... Things are going ok on the exercise front this week but eating has been so so at best. I've eaten a little too much this week but trying to have a good weekend to make up for it. Well, maybe not too much just maybe some wrong food choices. Here's an article on why it's so hard for overweight people to lose weight.
It just reinforced me to keep on exercising!!! And how important that will be in getting this weight off!
Going to learn how to play poker tonight with the ladies. Maybe it's texas hold em or something, should be fun. We always have a good time together at our monthly get togethers. We usually do something active like walking or kayaking but when it turns colder we do stuff inside. Hope everyone is having a good week!


CactusFreek said...

Girls nights are important i think. It's good for us to lighten up without the kids/hubby around.
I saved that link. I don't have time to check it out now, but i definatly will later! Thanks for that :o)
Keep up the great work!

Chris said...

I agree on the girls night out. My guys night is so much fun. We all need a break and the company of friends.

Have fun with poker. Is it hard to learn?