Sunday, October 15, 2006

long and hard weekend due to school

It was a biatch this weekend doing a very long take home test with a lot of hard essay questions and also a 2nd online test. I can't believe it took me like a day 1/2 to do them. First of all, I haven't been studying enough so it took a lot of time before I could even attempt them. I think it will turn out ok in the end, we'll see what the results are soon. But the hubby is getting a little perterbed with me as he has to watch our son all this time. I understand where he is coming from and we tried to fit in some time to do a matinee w/ our son. But I know he needs some time to do something he likes and get a break. I feel a little guilty but then I remember the 2 plus years he went to school and I worked and he didn't. Of course, that was before our son, but it was a hard time too. And we would like a break to just be a couple. It's hard when you really don't have a babysitter that you trust. sucks. sucks. Anyway on Friday night I did the ladies nt out and we had a nice light dinner and played some Texas hold em. It wasn't too hard to learn but we are still novices. Heck, no one had the rules and roughly knew what cards beat other hands. We had to call one ladies husband if we got stuck. We mostly just talked about funny stuff and old times so it was good. I had a good week doing a lot of exercising but not seeing the scale go down. I have eaten out a few times and not really counting my ww points though other days I've been going real light on the food. So, maybe weigh in won't be great or just stay the same but I can hope for no gain. I haven't been good about drinking my water so that could be one reason why. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Wanna_B_slim said...

Yeah study sucks... eating sucks... not enough time in a day sucks...
but guess what.. we are healthy and have loving family etc... that rocks!!! Keep up the awesome work..
Hugs Nannette

christie said...

Aw man, I wish I lived near you I would totally be your babysitter :) I have lots of experience and am First Aid and CPR certified :)
I know this is a hard time for you guys right now... but like everything, it will pass. How much longer do you have in school?
Maybe there are soem activities you can get your son involved in that will give you time alone. Like in boy scouts they sometimes go on weekend camping trips... things like that.