Monday, October 02, 2006

doing good

A short post today as I'm running off to school as I have an open lab I want to attend as she has given us too much to do in our anatomy/phys. class that I can get done in 2 labs. So it sucks as it will be a long day and night! But the good news today is that I'm down -2.6 today. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!! I really feel stepping up the exercise to 5 or more times a week has done the trick to get me losing consistantly again. It's nice to be able to have two meals out this week and not blow the diet. I'll post more tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well this week.


christie said...

Way to go that is a fantastic accomplishment!!!! Especially with how busy school keeps you. I'm really proud and happy for you.

Living to Feel Good said...

WoooHooOOOooO!! Congrats on the loss!!!

You have just reminded me why I need to exercise 5 days a week at the gym. I've been going 2 days. This week is just so crazy that I will have to wait till Friday, but you have motivated me to pump it up again. When I go 5 times and eat right I loss a good amount of weight and more importantly I feel great!!